Integrated Security SSPI

Complete system solutions for access control and CCTV More customers than ever around the world rely on Integrated Security systems to handle the full spectrum of today’s access control and CCTV needs. Customers know that their systems need to be more secure, convenient and dependable. That’s why they have turned to SSPI (security systems partially integrated) also fully integrated security and advanced system solutions to meet their access management and video surveillance needs for today and the future. There is a hands-free revolution going on and the access control and CCTV industry has changed dramatically recently. Proximity technology allows authorized personnel to gain access to secure areas by simply presenting a card close to reader. No physical contact is necessary; the card can remain in a user’s purse, pocket, wallet or briefcase. The hands-free access control revolution is here to stay.This may of course be complimented by ievo biometric technology soon, the next generation of door entry solutions. Integrated Security is a very powerful solution and is able to link together everything from a simple security system to highly customized, large systems with hundreds of CCTV cameras and sophisticated alarm monitoring devices. From powerful host software to advanced controllers, readers and cards, all essential elements are monitored using one sql software package. So who will benefit? Well any company with multiple sites is obvious but as we have mentioned even smaller systems can be integrated for greater convenience. We see that as IP video surveillance becomes more and more widespread the various security disciplines will naturally become entwined  meaning greater flexibility for end users long term. If you think you can benefit from an integrated security system contact us and we tell you what your best solution would be and who can install it for you.

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