Integrated security solution for global forwarders

Recent disturbing news regarding a Global Courier company receiving alleged suspect packages to forward on to the US just shows that no matter where or how, terrorism can be targeted using almost any means….

But, maybe Video Analytics could be used to complement the tracking procedure, highlighting suspicious activity or intervention….

Take for example a potential scenario:-

Person arrives at Courier depot somewhere in the world with a package to send

Package is booked in, with a bar-code and immediately POS (Point of Sale) text insertion associates the parcel, sender facial image, sender details along with video evidence of receipt.

Video stored at the Global Couriers Central HQ – even in another country or continent – via corporate high speed Intranet and via an IP CCTV system…..

Package moved to transportation where it is scanned again, along with POS Insertion tie up to video evidence of personnel loading the actual parcel onto plane/train/automobile…

Package unloaded at next checkpoint – again, bar-code time stamped and POS inserted with video evidence….

And so on and so on…….

Basically, any package that is identified as suspicious would have video evidence accessible immediately via IP connectivity from anywhere on the planet, virtually instantly

We can already track our packages throughout the world, maybe it is time for the ability to also track the video handling of the packages……..obviously with a degree of common sense as to who can access it of course….

But it is not just potential security threats it could help avoid or solve……what about the thousands, probably millions, of ‘lost’, ‘damaged in transit’ or ‘late’ deliveries? Video evidence right through the shipping process will shore up the efficiencies of service and allow that Global Courier to stand out from it’s peers……maybe even allowing the ability to advertise that their service can be examined for true evidence of quality and reliability….

So, all the couriers of the world, take a look at your on site, insular CCTV and ask, is it time to get it networked and accessible and make it work for you !!!

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