ACTi ACD- 2400 video encoder

ACTI ACD-2400 video encoder.

The ACTI video encoder is a 16 way MPEG4 1U unit It looks sleek and well built and makes up just one more component in what is now an extensive range of products from the ACTI corporation.

Each channel of analogue video can be converted to IP at 25 FPS at full D1 resolution, in addition each channel boasts 2 way audio and video motion detection. With digital inputs and outputs and serial control ports for PTZ again per channel. ACTi have produced an encoder that fits well into a scenario that requires a hybrid CCTV solution.

Protocols included to allow PTZ control include Pelco-D and Pelco-P Sony VISCA and American Dynamics also with regard to integration  we can confirm the encoder is fully compatible with all ACTi software and there is an SDK available on request.

In order to to access the browser on the unit you will require Microsoft Internet explorer 6.0 or something newer.

So as we build on the portfolio of ACTi products we can see that by producing a 16 way encoder they are looking to create a situation for installers to start to create hybrid CCTV systems and use ACTi IP cameras as well.

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