Brickcom IP camera

Brickcom IP camera solutions

Brickcom are now one of the leading IP camera manufacturers in the industry today. Clever sales strategy means that they are able to provide prompt service and technical support worldwide.

Quality IP surveillance solutions

Brickcom have always taken pride in its quality network solutions and have been supplying wireless solutions for over twenty years but now they are beginning to be noticed for their megapixel camera solutions.


One of the major benefits Brickcom are able to boast is they can provide a complete solution to those specifying a video surveillance sytem. They also manufacture routers and switches meaning compatibility issues are negligent and with a global presence and a focus on quality images they are starting to stand out from the crowd . Not least because the TCO of their video surveillance systems is so competitive. ONVIF compliant and offering a 2 year guarantee on all their products its easy to see why their name is now rated highly in the industry.

Lots of choice.

They also have an extensive portfolio that includes NVRs and CMS software, each camera also comes with its own recording software as standard.Their green policy is admirable and with a heavy emphasis on R&D they seek to incorporate all the latest developments that are being introduced into the Video surveillance systems of the future.

Selected products include

FB-110A- a megapixel fixed box camera with progressive scan and H.264 compression, POE and 12v DC or 24v AC adds to the features.

FD-130A – fixed dome camera with two way audio and POE a very economical buy.

CB-101A- a megapixel cube camera that uses 1/4 progressive scan H.264 compression and of course POE. This camera fits very nicely into many applications because of its small dimensions.

Just a small glimpse at the range we suggest you visit the website for a better look at what the have to offer.

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