Service agreements for CCTV systems.

Buy a CCTV service agreement.

Most customers out there realize that when it comes to a good reliable CCTV system it is also crucial to ensure a service agreement to ensure reliability and continuity. End users thoughts though as to how they buy their service agreement is changing . In a climate of cost cutting and austerity, everyone is looking to save money where ever possible. In what is starting to become a “make do” approach to maintenance many customers are now looking away from their existing installer in search of a good deal. But at what cost in reality? A CCTV system is  at the heart of many businesses operations , one camera down at the wrong time can lead to missed evidence that could prove costly.

ADT and Chubb

The likes of ADT and Chubb for instance have tied their customers in over the years either with a 5 year contract or by installing a closed protocol arrangement , this keeps others out  and for years has ensured on going maintenance whatever the level of service they have actually offered . Increasingly though there is  an underlying  rebellion going on against this type of entrapment and end users are increasingly looking for smaller more reliable companies to take over the service mantle.

A better deal.

We have found that  increasing numbers of people have enquired as to where they can find a reliable company to service their kit at a reasonable price. So below we list some of the things that you should be looking for before placing an order for maintenance of your CCTV security system.

CCTV servicing the golden rules.

1)  Ensure the company you choose is credit worthy , nothing is worse than paying up only to find that the company you have chosen has gone to the wall.

2)  Never go  fall into the trap of buying a closed protocol system whatever the initial install price may be . If you are already saddled with one , look to get the system upgraded this will reduce your future servicing costs.

3) Try to get an all inclusive call out and labour contract . Not many companies will offer you replacement costs included on other peoples kit , but fixing your labour costs means that no matter how unreliable your system may be you wont keep getting on going bills.

4) Before you place an order with a new supplier , insist they carry out a full survey FOC and produce a full working drawing so if you get disillusioned with the service they offer after the first year you have good information to pass out to others when you look to get a re-quote.

5) Insist on full documentation after each call, detailing what has been done and why. This will help you to query any invoices that don’t sit right with you following a visit.

6)  When a part is replaced  the installer will get a manufacturers guarantee , insist this is passed onto you  as part of the agreement.

7) Insist the company is in a position to offer you “hot swaps”  by this we mean that while your camera or DVR is away for repair , you are not left with a blank slot on your  DVR for what is sometimes many weeks.

8)  Always realize when you flogging a dead horse.! All CCTV equipment has a life span , throwing good money after bad trying to keep repairing kit when it has clearly reached the end of its active life will just cost you in the long run.

9) Finally measure response times and insist on good communication , this is crucial for both the installer and yourself and will mean a harmonious relationship between installer and customer , always important to ensure both good service and a reliable CCTV system.


Well hopefully the above information will help you ensure that next time you are out shopping for a CCTV service agreement you make the right choice and not one that may leave you full of regret and an expensive hole in your pocket.

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