Honeywell camera HD73X. Reflection and snowy picture

The Honeywell HD73x is static dome camera with integrated IR LED technology. It is designed to give better pictures in areas of poor lighting or complete darkness.

It Has come to our attention there is a potential issue with the camera. During the night the IR leds can reflect back off the dome acrylic back into the front of the camera lens.

We have had reports that this can effect the picture by causing white fuzzy dots to appear making the image patchy at best.

Honeywell have said that the problem is caused by the camera angle, but we have found that this does not seem to make a lot of  difference. The camera should be able to be mounted at any angle required.

Below we list some of the issues.
1) reflection and interference on nightime pictures.
2) Open spaces increase the problem, this has led us to believe the IR is travelling inside the plastic screen.
3) Adjusting the angle of the camera or the position of the camera seems to make no change to the problem.
4) The picture quality improves and interference is reduced/ when the camera has an object in the foreground.
5) Zooming the camera in seems to give far better picture quality.
In general The Camera needs to be mounted with in 20 meters of the Target Object.

It must be noted that the day time picture is not in question and that the above scenario does not occur in every case. Honeywell to their credit are making a small modification to the internal bracket that helps fix the acrylic to the main body of the camera and we have been assured this should stop this problem by preventing IR leaking inside the unit.

If you have experienced this issue out in the field please contact us and let us know if and how you have resolved the problem.

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