Megapixel IP camera, set up instructions!

We like megapixel IP cameras….. High quality images, excellent replay pictures, post-zoom functions

But have you tried setting them up!!???

These clever PIXC manufacturers invest thousands, probably millions, developing amazing technology, but we wonder if they ever ACTUALLY install them…..sure, we bet they test them extensively, but actually setting them up?

Take a 1080P mini dome with varifocal lens…..adjust the lens to the widest field of view….obviously it needs to be focused…… Ensure your fingers are no larger than a matchstick in order to reach the tiniest locking screw known to man located under the tightest plastic ring surrounding the camera module…….slowly turn (whilst stripping layer 1 of your fingers skin) until focus is achieved….no, back a bit, forward, no just missed it, back, yep that’s it, no wait, you breathed, a bit more yep, quick, lock it (cue small finger requirement again)

You see, we are amazed that, with all the amazing minds that sit around the table designing the most beautiful of megapixel IP cameras, that no-one had thought to have some form of electronic adjustment, even perhaps an auto or software adjustment……or just plain old decent access points !!!

Come on Manufacturers, give the installer the tools to install quickly and painlessly and this IP lark will soon catch on!!

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