IP CCTV from EyeSpy 247

Eye Spy247 has just released their new external IP network camera. Aimed at the domestic and small business sectors, this camera is IP65 rated and is small and compact in design.
The camera can be used to watch pets , children or your vehicle on your drive and of course, your home. If you are in business you would be able to keep you eye on events as they take place in your absence giving you back control while you are away.
Several benefits include the ability to connect to the camera images via BT home hub and many other common routers on the market, auto registration makes this process simple.
IR, means the camera can see up to 10meters in total darkness and in addition to this alarms can be raised through on board PIR detection and sound trigger sensors.
At a price that will appeal to the mass market so far excluded from the benefits of IP CCTV, this camera, with recording options and simple installation, will appeal to many and is looking to be a good buy.

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