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Panasonic i-Pro smart HD.

Panasonic have recently unveiled a new division within its organization called PSNE or if you prefer the full version, Panasonic System Networks Europe. The new division formed in January of this year (2010) and is seen by many forward thinking in the CCTV industry as a very clever move.

Quite simply Panasonic have realized that CCTV as we know it today will look very different in the future. By recognising that the convergence of telecommunications, security and imaging products all needing to come under one portfolio, they have sent a message to the market place. They see  IP video systems integrating with various different edge devices including epos point of sale, industrial and medical cameras as well as home networking products as the way foward.

With this new focus on IP based technology they have produced some excellent network video cameras that are designed to suit just about every application. This has been named the i-Pro smartHD. This range of  IP cameras and monitoring systems means they can easily integrate older analogue products seamlessly with the new IP video based systems.

NVR’s within the new portfolio include the WJ-ND400, WJ-ND300A and the WJ-ND200 all the new equipment is of course ONVIF compliant.

Panasonic trail Axis now a very close second in the sale of IP Camera and ip video systems and see that although the market is still split 80% 20% heavily in favour of analogue camera solutions the trend towards network video systems is an irresistible force. This is now driving many CCTV camera manufacturers to look very closely at what Panasonic are able to achieve in this next year or two, especially as the CCTV market place is thought to be worth anything upwards of 350 million pounds this year.

With IT mangers now taking ownership of newly installed Network video systems the design of any IP video system needs to ensure that the ITC department is kept happy. Getting the IT manager on board as we all know is going to be half the battle when specifying IP surveillance systems however this is becoming easier, especially with Panasonic giving heavy behind the scenes support for its network of dealers.

To ensure Panasonic are able to get their message across to the general public they have invested heavily in the London 2012 Olympics so their famous catchphrase “ideas for life” will soon be ingrained in the thoughts of many installers and new customers who will inevitably start to migrate from analogue to IP camera solutions. Probably an awful lot sooner than they think!

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