Dual path IP signalling for CCTV


Dual path IP signalling is a prerequisite now in all intruder alarm scenarios, for many years now insurers have insisted on it and it is one of the most important security measures employed within the industry. Also one that gives early warning of a potential break in and is crucial in limiting losses.

Emizon TCD

It is strange therefore, that CCTV systems do not seem to have the same level of security applied to their signalling path to a central station. Most CCTV systems rely on an unmonitored ASDL line, this seems totally inadequate when you consider what CCTV systems are expected to protect in the way of value, especially when being used to confirm external intrusions into compounds and other external areas where goods of high value are stored.

With the IP CCTV revolution currently underway, Emizon 21 have an ideal answer to any line cuts that may occur. They do this by providing dual path signalling using the broadband telephone line and a secondary GPRS route. Using the first secure  IP monitoring solution on the market, Emizon have shown innovation and an insight into the future of IP communication.

So with most telephone lines now going over to broadband , Emizon can provide excellent value for any dual path signalling solution, whether they be for existing, new intruder alarms or CCTV

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