IP CCTV regulation and certification

IP CCTV regulation.

IP video system, IP surveillance system, Networked camera system, Networked surveillance system. No one has yet to actually decide what the CCTV system that we know today is going to be called . CCTV is not really an option because it is no longer a closed CCT system.
Networked security cameras are here and over the next 5 years will start to dominate the security industry’s thoughts. However there are other industry sectors beginning to realize that there are big opportunities out there. Those  from the IT and networking industries are good examples. Excitement is rising amongst these groups as they find it more and more easy to steal business from under the noses of the security world.One important fact however that everyone seems to be overlooking at present is standards. As we know the NSI currently keep a tight rein on us, the installers and ensure sites are audited and certificated to a very high standard. But who is going to enforce this upon Telecoms companies who suddenly decide that IP video is now part of their portfolio. Insurance companies have never successfully driven business to get a certified cctv system installed unlike they have in the intruder market and so in the past it was the fear of cowboys that drove many big companies to push their business the way of CCTV companies who had transparently high standards and thus a good reputation.However, economics are now the driving force behind any companies decision as what kind of surveillance system they will buy. This is now heavily biased in the favour network installers who will issue no certification and although they would be bound by their own high standards to do a good job may not be as aware or even worried about basic security factors that always need to be applied when installing a CCTV system.This leaves CCTV installers in a highly vulnerable position, one that if they fail to address now, will leave many seriously struggling to stay in business. Manufactures will need to seek out new contacts as well or they could find that their rather large investment into IP products could be very abruptly trumped by the likes of Cisco and others like them. These large IT houses must be happily sat back waiting for the world of IP video systems to very simply, deliver itself at their feet.

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