CCTV acronyms

Megapixel IP video systems.
Over the next few days we will be looking at some of the features that are being built into the latest IP Megapixel cameras in order to show some of the major benefits that can be achieved through this new technology. Firstly below we list some of the acronyms being used and what they actually mean.  There is nothing worse than a 3 letter abbreviation that everyone is talking about but no one has actually told you.!
PVO progressive video output – essentially this ensures clearer images and less motion blur ABS adaptive black stretch – increases visibility of subjects in dark areas.
WDF wide dynamic feature – a feature within an ip camera used to reproduce a balanced image when looking at at areas of high contrast, such as doorways.
ABF – auto back focus – automatically adjusts the back focus to ensure crisp images day and night without the need to manually adjust this at the camera.
DNR – digital noise reduction – in low light conditions there is a need to amplify images this also however amplifies any noise on the picture.  DNR technology reduces the noise viewed by the end user.
AIS – auto image stabilizer – cancels out vibrations on the image caused during windy conditions.
MSV- multi streamed video – IP cameras come equipped to send video streams to more than one location at reduced bandwidth if necessary.
VMD – video motion detection – when changes in the view of the camera are detected an alarm can be raised to alert an operator or start recording on an NVR
Just a few listed above and many more round the corner we suspect as the technology advances so more and more features and those dreaded three letter acronyms will be introduced.

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