Is the CCTV industry lazy?!

We got talking to a reputable Manufacturer recently… who was pulling his hair out over the increased amount of Technical calls his Support team were taking

There was nothing wrong with the product – it was just new and the installing engineer had simply not seen it before.

This happens….an installer will have an enthusiastic team of sales/marketing/commercial guys all choosing products because of price, bells, whistles, days out (did we say that?!) but the first the installation team see it is when they have 1 day to fit it !! And train the end user

We have sympathy with the engineers……. particularly as it falls on them to sort the ‘problems’ that perhaps the over enthusiastic sales guy has, er, um ‘created’ !!! (Yes, we really did hear once that a camera down a shopping aisle, with a mirror at the end, could see around the corner!!)

But….in this age of instant email and mobile phones, is it REALLY easier to just call the manufacturer rather than take a look at the enclosed instructions? Sure, a life on the road is a lonely one and the engineer must miss the interaction of the office…….but if the supplier/manufacturer has only a handful of Support staff, employed to answer REAL technical problems, then it is understandable they can sometimes be tied up answering OTHER engineers questions……

‘How do I turn it on?’
‘How do I program presets?’
‘What’s the code to get into the menu?’
‘How do I set up the record schedule?’

Engineers – these manufacturers will not leave you in the dark…….they will always help you with difficulties…….they will always try to assist….but help them to help you, take a look at the Manual before ringing !!

We think Technical Support response will increase no end if the calls are valid !

What do you think?

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