CCTV Software replacing Hardware?

We’ve seen a huge increase in IP specifications of late

But what about the back end? The recording side of things? The control interface?

We are all bamboozled with the latest megapixel this and HD that, but what about the ‘heart’ of the system?

Recent moves, from companies such as March Networks, involves taking the hardware away and offering a software based solution…….VMS…….Video Management Software…..Video Management Solution……Video Management Security…….call it what you wish, but it is software that is gathering pace in the recording and management arena….

Allowing the installer and end user the ability to select their own hardware – Server based PC’s with industrial components built to the specification recommended by the software manufacturer – we think this is a really interesting way forward.

Most reputable Server suppliers – and we mean the Dell’s, HP’s and Sun Microsystems of the world – can offer excellent additional on site repair and replace support……often within the same working day……

The software manufacturer is pleased, because profit is not eroded in ever increasing hardware costs…..

The end user is pleased because additional, sometimes same day service is offered within the system cost…..

VMS……this could catch on !

What do you think?

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