Overtis Vigilance Pro integrated solution.

Overtis active management solutions.
In today’s market place the big retailers are still turning in some good profits despite hard economic times. The question though that could be is asked is could they do better? Well arguably probably not, business models have led them to sharpen their axe, run meaner and leaner and generally drag profits out of a depressed economy.
Reduce shrinkage.
One thing though that they have been unable to address effectively is shrinkage. Figures have shown that many of the big retailers still suffer losses of up to 15% per annum. Huge amounts of money when you consider 50 million a year turn overs are not rare in the high street.Retailers still find it impossible even when using security deterrents such as access control and CCTV to prevent this shrinkage. Criminals have leant that using insiders is now the most effective way of stealing goods. Paying for one item while the person on the till turns a blind eye to a second item leaving the store means criminals not only have one free but have a receipt to return the second item for cash. Easy money for organised gangs and almost impossible to stop.
Stop the rot!
Overtis are a company who have seen this floor in security and by using an active management solution claim to be able to reduce shrinkage by a significant amount. The key to this is integrating CCTV, Access control and epos systems. By using information from all the systems, intelligent software is able to analyse shrinkage against transactions and attendance. With the integration of CCTV, real events of theft can be proven beyond doubt and the criminal element cleansed from the organisation. In addition Overtis are able to prevent IT security breaches especially within data centres, again by recognising keystrokes on the PC and generating alarms to bring unauthorised or irregular events to the attention of management. In doing this they are preventing losses/breaches before they start to cause substantial loss. The level of integration can also include mobile tracking devices to ensure every aspect of a companies IP based operation is micro managed in the finest detail.
Huge savings.
It does not take a great mathematician to work out that if an organisation is suffering from shrinkage in the order of 10-15% it actually cannot afford not to look into what Overtis can offer with the new Vigilance Pro software solution.

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