MIC series 412 thermal camera

So the Metal mickey has gone thermal. The new MIC series 412 thermal camera has hit the market place.

The camera is a high quality thermal solution designed to to offer the very best performance in security operations that go beyond the standard CCTV solutions

The camera has been precision engineered to provide dual optical/thermal images and has been designed to be installed in areas that offer harsh environments that require a ruggedized solution.

The metal mickey camera contains two camera modules the first produces day/ night images of the highest quality , while the second is the 412 thermal imaging module that will work in total darkness and provide information that is impossible to glean from any other solution.

The MIC 412 offers advanced viewing options such as spectral heat variance and hot and cold spot highlights.

The thermal Metal Mickey camera is compatible with all the bracketry and ancillary items within the MIC range making it easy to supply upgrade opportunities and retro fitting

In summary the main benefits include

The integrated wiper unit

The dual camera option

Robust and precision design

Brush less motor technology.

As you can imagine the solution is not cheap but there are always times when security needs will mean this camera will need to be specified in order satisfy certain scenarios.

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