CCTV to go iPhone crazy!

The world is buzzing about anything that is related to Apple!

Queues form at the slightest hint of new iPhone stock landing in the stores

Around 2million iPads are sole EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!

We love our Apple devices here at Integrated CCTV…..don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a sales pitch for Apple, they really don’t need it!!

But…..our industry is really slow in catching on to the Apple train….

Ask any decent DVR or IP provider and they will tell you ‘yes, our iPhone app is coming’….. Well so is Christmas!!!!

Now I am sure Apple don’t help with their Draconian app store red tape……but really, the SDK has been around for a while, surely the DVR bods can see the benefit in releasing software for the global leader in smart phones??

And let’s not forget Android……predicted to have a 17% share of the mobile OS by 2011…..up from under 5% last year!!!

We did stumble across a fantastic alternative though…… Live Cams HD in the app store for both the iphone and the ipad…… Barry Egerter has done a great job in creating a multi platform app that will talk to a variety of IP cameras and NVR devices……. and with an app that is so low cost and a device list that is constantly updated via an Internet connection to the Live Cams server, this offers a really great way to access your CCTV system…… Barry promises to add new devices, free of charge, in return for customers downloading his app……. a great way to ensure commercial success…… we’ll keep our eye on this one we think !!

what mobile platform would you prefer to view your CCTV? ! let us know

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