IP cameras v Analogue cameras

So there must be some reasons why IP cameras are going to provide the next generation of CCTV systems. Below we list some of the benefits to help you decide if you are about to buy CCTV if IP is the way for you to go.

Analogue vs IP cameras.

IP cameras are inherently networkable so no need to rely on the DVR to enable remote connection

IP cameras are run over CAT 5 cable and this has reliability benefits over coaxial cable

Cat 5 cable is cheaper

The resolution achievable from HD and megapixel cameras is far superior to analogue

IP streaming means that viewing and reviewing is much more flexible.

IP cameras can be be powered over the Ethernet so no need for mains to be supplied adjacent to the camera position.

Much larger systems are possible and this helps keep the total cost of ownership lower than an equivalent sized analogue system.

Recording and viewing is achieved through using software so no DVR is required.

Remote storage with all the associated benefits

Multiple viewers can view different video streams at the same time

The ability for both video and audio at each camera point.

On board storage with each camera by using an SD card

Cameras have built in intelligence ie audio alarms for noise levels and video motion detection.

As we can see IP cameras have lots of benefits over analogue. If you would like you IP camera solution reviewed we will be happy to help.

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