Emizon, Adpro, and IP


Back in March we talked about upgrading Adpro to IP. This gives a
quicker more reliable path to the monitoring station with all the
benefits of reduced ISDN phone bills. What we did not address was what
would happen if the IP path to the central station went faulty. Most
central stations have connections that are not backed up by a
secondary signalling path. They rely on running an audit approximately
every 7 days to ensure they can connect . Surely this entirely
unsatisfactory. How can such an important thing as CCTV monitoring be
compromised by either a deliberate line cut or a simple line fault.
Emizon have an IP communicator that solves these problems. For a
reasonable annual monitoring fee the CCTV broadband line can be
monitored 24/7 for faults or line cuts. If the line fails for any reason
either accidental or malicious, then an alarm is transmitted to the central
station via GPRS. The customer is then notified that their line is faulty
and they can then take  immediate action rather than having to wait 7 days
for the audit report.

Adpro have many thousands of transmitters out in the field that still
work on ISDN and although the Adpro itself  will continue to work well
being the resilient product that it is, the ISDN network is gradually
being dismantled. So upgrading to IP makes perfect sense. Back this up
with IP monitoring from Emizon and you have a secure and reliable

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