EverFocus CCTV megapixel over coax solution

Megapixel over coax.

EverFocus have released the new EQH5200 2 megapixel IP camera that is using the latest HD-SDI serial digital interface to open the retro fit market place to megapixel technology. The EQH5200 megapixel camera is able to send images down existing RG 59 coaxial cable from a BNC connection therefore meaning easy retrofit installations for installers and therefore a more competitive upgrade solution to analogue CCTV cameras.

The camera has compact box design complete with day/night  functionality and an on screen menu set up to assist CCTV engineers.

Everfocus DVR

To compliment the ease of retro install EverFocus also have the EHDR08 8 channel DVR this unit can reproduce recordings boasting resolutions of 720p and comes in the form of a compact box design It uses the latest H.264 compression techniques and handle up to 8TB of hard drive recording space.The DVR can also output to a monitor using either VGA or HDMI.

Remote connectivity.

For those interested in remote connectivity  the EHDR08 has a 1 gigabit Ethernet interface this allows networking capability and allows remote viewing and management of the CCTV system allowing smart search functionality. Monitoring from mobile devices that is now really catching on can be achieved through 3GPP connection. A DVD burner allows information to be easily removed when required.

What we have all been waiting for.

In essence the package provide a simple megapixel solution over coax something that many installers have been waiting for for some time.

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