Temporary CCTV solutions

Temporary CCTV

A temporary CCTV solution is always a difficult one. Often a customer will take the approach that they have a problem that they believe they can solve with the help of a CCTV system in a relatively short space of time and therefore only want to pay for short term rental.

Still costly.

Most forget that a temporary system differs little in cost to buy for the supplier and still takes the same time to install, so the question has to be asked whats in it for the installer?

Who will install temporary cameras?

Well nothing really and this is why there a few about that offer this service. The solution for the customer may however be coming in the shape of IP cameras with on board recording. Cameras such as the IP camera 200 range. Simple to fit and using POE all the customer really needs to provide is an IP point adjacent to where he wishes to site the camera.The cameras are however not designed to be of a covert nature so a little inventiveness may well be required if the end user is looking to catch someone in the act and use the evidence against them.


So in the past the temporary CCTV system was a difficult one to solve but now thanks to IP it is a solution that could be increasing as customers look to solve problems at a reduced cost.

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