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Bosch CCTV

Bosch security systems has now released a complete list of its full product range for 2010/2011

News on CCTV products.

They have been particularly keen to promote the new Auto-dome Easy II range, the extremely versatile IP200 series and the MIC500 classic (Metal Mickey CCTV camera).

Easy dome.

Starting with the Easydome II they have managed to produce a sophisticated range of dome cameras at a very reasonable price and very easy to install. Feature rich, this dome range is 70% smaller than a traditional PTZ camera making it compact and ideal for discreet surveillance. ONVIF compliant, with the option of on board analytics, the camera range has both internal and external options, well worth a look.

IP camera 200 series.

We have spoken a lot on this site about the IP 200 series cameras. Bosch have found a market place for this IP solution making single camera installations complete with recording a very affordable solution for small to medium size business. A popular application for this IP camera is reception areas or locations of high stock value where a full blown CCTV system would normally be cost prohibitive. Again ONVIF compliant with an on board SD card for recording purposes together with a free  CCTV software solution that is able to accommodate up to 16 cameras, The IP 200 range is defiantly one for the future.

Metal Mickey CCTV camera.

The MIC, Metal mickey has always been a high profile robust external camera. Used for solutions such as shopping centres, football stadiums, dockyards and airports, it is very versatile. Buoyed by the success of the Metal Mickey CCTVcamera in the Big Brother series, Bosch have continued to improve the design and performance, culminating in the MIC series 500 classic. Easy set up and reliability certainly make this camera one of the leading contenders in the rugged dome market place.


In summary Bosch have always produced quality. There cameras produce excellent images and innovation means they will always be at the top of CCTV industry, night time images especially are an area of expertise and now clever analytics within their codecs mean the options for installers are ever evolving.

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