Risco SynopSYS. CCTV integration software


Risco group have released SynopSYS a new security interface that can integrate together all security and building management requirements.

It has been designed to simplify and integrate all the following disciplines

Access control

Video monitoring

Building security

Fire detection

Building automation systems.

This can all be done using one single interface and can be used across multiple sites helping reduce costs, increasing security and reducing employment needs. Detailed  site mapping is the key to simplifying all processes using  WAN or LAN to monitor and administer and control security requirements across a company network.

In summary.

Synopsys is a general user software interface that allows the operator to control multiple security disciplines over a TCP/IP network. This network can be LAN or WAN promoting local or remote management. The solution promotes site specific graphical images, & bespoke automation commands. In addition to core security products including net-workable intruder, access, & DVR,  SynopSYS can cater for other third party drivers including Honeywell intruder, Milestone XProtect, Lenel OnGuard, Siemens SiPass, & currently software is being designed and written to include the Paxton & DM Net View.


Risco also have included the BACNET protocol, therefore subject to a configuration file, can also communicate with any BACNET enabled device.


SynopSYS is another good innovation from the Risco group who pride themselves on producing advanced solutions for integrated security.

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