External CCTV security systems

External CCTV security systems.

Protecting goods you have to store outside is becoming an extremely important issue now. Anyone who has left items unattended for a period of time will know that before long someone will either steal or vandalize them.

CCTV cameras

External security systems have been around for a while, a combination of sensors, cameras and audible alarms do help to deter many intruders but what is the best combination and who is likely to need it.

Well anyone who is in the following industries could benefit.


Builders merchants

Skip hire


Garden centres




Plant hire

Car dealers


Coach operators

Van hire and car hire

Caravan sales

Construction sites


Scrap metal dealers


And so the list goes on.

IP camera.

With the new IP camera technology that is now available many of the above industries will need to consider how they approach security and what will be the next move to ensure that they will always have security cover. We recommend that anyone who is considering a new install or an upgrade looks very hard at at new dome cameras that incorporate IR technology for night vision and IP codecs built into the head to enable them to be integrated into an NVR.

Fixed beams.

Fixed beams offer an excellent perimeter security protection solution especially if they can be deployed into a sterile area and have good line of site, in addition external PIR sensors give coverage in areas that fixed beams cannot be used.

Gates and barriers.

Gates and barriers also help reduce unauthorized movement on a site and this combined with ANPR (number plate recognition) give good control over who comes and goes.

Integrated CCTV.

Here at integrated CCTV we have plenty of information on many leading products that will offer an external security solution to many businesses out there. We can also offer online advice to anyone who is thinking of using new IP camera technology. We look forward to hearing from you.

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