CCTV IP certification


IP CCTV is the new way forward but as yet much of the industry is still waiting for some kind of standard to work to. The NSI has worked very hard over the last 20 years to ensure many standards have been put in place and inspected rigorously to ensure affiliated companies keep to these standards.

IP CCTV is about to change things.

Things such as data the  protection act are now hopelessly out out of date now images can be transmitted and stored just about anywhere in the world but it seems that most people in the industry have just turned a blind eye.

CCTV installations.

As IP CCTV solutions become the common format for CCTV installations then there will be efforts by the inspectorates to enforce some kind of standardization and inspection regime, but it seems that the IP technology is simply evolving too fast for regulation to be effectively applied.

The government.

the government did introduce a CCTV regulator knowing that the IP CCTV revolution was on its way but as yet we have seen or heard nothing , certainly at industry level.


So with the updating of  iso9002 for security companies can the new regs ever keep up .The way technology seems to be moving the answer has to be no.

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