VCL dome repair solution

VCL dome repairs.

VCL were a company who were one of the great success stories of the late nineties and early part of this century. They were a British organisation who revolutionised the CCTV market with their orbital domes.


Their success was soon recognised and take over was inevitable. First Ademco then Honeywell also profited from the success of the dome through aggressive take-overs. Buy dome spares


Honeywell however have fingers in many pies and the orb 6 and orb gold dome was eventually superseded with Honeywell’s own product lines, no surprise but a great shame. One thing however has over the last couple of years though has been neglected and that’s repairs of the domes themselves! The CCTV domes won’t last forever. They have moving parts and are of course vulnerable to wear and tear. Some large repair houses will take on refurbishments but Honeywell no longer support the product.

VCL orb gold camera

It is here that a great opportunity exists for companies willing to help out the tens of thousands of end users out there that still have VCL domes and still need them as part of their overall security package. 360 vision technology are one company that we have sourced that has cleverly taken advantage of what is going to be a very large market as the VCL domes reach the end of their life cycle.

The 360 dome inner

The 360 vision dome inner can be adapted to fit into the existing orb gold housing. This dramatically reduces the cost of an upgrade and often works out cheaper than actually trying to repair the old dome inner itself. The outer housings of the VCL dome are brilliantly robust and will go on working for years without needing any attention at all, so the smart businesses out there might find a cost effective solution with 360 vision technology.

Repair it!

Servicing a VCL dome can also be carried out by Maxey Moverley. This is a repair house that has  skilled staff to look after the inevitable rise in demand to fix what after all is a very good product, many years after its original conception.

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