Emerging Video Technologies – Pt6 Mesh Wireless Networks

Today, we take a look at Mesh Wireless Networks

Potential Benefits:
Video surveillance is often wanted in areas that are remote from buildings, such as in parking lots and along fencelines. Running network cabling can be cost prohibitive and requiring expensive and/or disruptive trenching.

Ip wireless systems offer a wire free alternative to transmit video in those areas. Mesh wireless systems (a specialized form of IP wireless) allow video to be transmitted across longer distances and around areas of interference (like hills or trees etc)

Costs: Compared to long distance cable runs, mesh wireless is generally significantly less expensive. Even at about £1500 per wireless node, wireless is far less expensive than almost any form of trenching across roads or pavement.

  • End User Risks:
    Because of the bandwidth demanded, deploying wireless systems for video surveillance require specialized expertise. If end users do not choose experienced installers, significant delays may occur. Additionally, risks exist in the long term performance of the system (as environmental or local changes can degrade performance). It is imperative that customers budget for long term maintenance of the system or major issues could occur.
  • Installer Risks:
    Deploying wireless video surveillance networks may be the single most difficult technical task in all of video surveillance (even harder than video analytics). Wireless demands technical expertise in both IP networks and wireless systems. Futhermore, wireless systems can be impacted by external factors such as the weather and nearby wireless users (because most systems are licence free). Two specific risks are : (1) systems that do not deliver as much bandwidth as the installer plans and requires and (2) ongoing stability problems with the system that demand expensive service calls.


Taken from the ‘Emerging Video Surveillance Guide 2010′ from http://ipvideomarket.info/

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