CCTV and Emizon

Dual path broadband monitoring for CCTV.

CCTV monitoring using a DVR as the main recording device and transmitting medium is becoming ever more popular. It seems like the ideal solution and it is in many ways but one thing is often omitted from the spec and installers neglect the most important security feature . This is the broadband connection to the central station.

Emizon , the broadband monitoring solution.

Emizon have found a niche that caters for this weakness. Monitoring a CCTV communication path is part of BS8148 but many installers steer away from these regs and leave the line unmonitored. Often the customer will only find out about the weakness if his broadband line fails and they suffer a break in. That is why an IP CCTV communicator for monitoring the line is so crucial.

Other features.

In addition Emizon can also talk back to the unit to carry out resets on the DVR remotely, a great facility to help installers reduce site visits. Broadband lines are now pretty much standard across the UK  and we will not be moving onto any other technology any time soon. Most other companies who provide monitoring solutions are modifying their products to suit broadband unlike Emizon which has been specifically designed FOR broadband and so has an obvious edge.


Because the Emizon has been designed around a software platform rather than hardware it is easily adaptable to any subtle changes in communications of the future. Firmware upgrades are easily uploaded to the TCD at the touch of a button.

Dual path broadband monitoring investment.

Emizon expect as their customer base grows to be able to increase investment  in order to remain at no 1 in the IP monitoring market place. This means improvements get passed back to the end user. Keeping more competitive enables Emizon to invest in the latest technology and keeps the product totally in line with the latest changes that effect an ever expanding broadband market.

Legacy equipment.

One thing that we all take for granted but have failed to mention is that Broadband is a very fast transmission medium it means pictures reach the central station faster. There is a great deal of equipment out there that currently uses old ISDN technology the upgrades to broadband will be thick and fast but these lines must be monitored . With this in mind there is a large marketplace for Emizon to fill and based on the professionalism of the staff and the feature rich product they have. The future is looking very bright

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