Cathexis Hybrid DVR

Cathexis catSytems.

Cathexis are a well established manufacturer of digital surveillance equipment. The catSystem range offers both hardware and software products that boast a level of flexibility not seen in many products of this type.

Customised for every requirement.

The catSystems have the ability to to allow the customer to specify a custom built recording suite that allows hybrid integration of both new and existing cameras, both analogue and IP.


Using H.264 compression technology high performance is assured. Used extensively in the retail and mining sectors, a powerful database engine allows real-time recording and monitoring. This, synchronised with audio allows customers to build a system exactly suited to their needs. This solution means no over specified unit costing more than is actually required allowing more budget to be spent on quality cameras as well.

Hybrid DVR solution.

The Cathexis DVR has an application to meet every need it has been engineered for stability and reliability and the fault monitoring side of the product with full system logging is a godsend for installers. It is highly net-workable for hybrid options and remote monitoring and maintenance gives CCTV control staff high levels of functionality through advanced CCTV software.

Integrated CCTV.

Finally third party integration has been considered a must in the the design of this product allowing fire systems, access control and EPOS all to be seamlessly integrated. A robust product designed for blue chip companies can also be used by medium sized business as well. A visit to the website would not go amiss.

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