Ievo biometric fingerprint reader. New and different

Biometric finger print reader…with a difference.

Ievo has emerged in the last few months as one of the leading players in the biometric reader market. The reason for this is that innovative design has been used to overcome all the problems previously experienced in this field.

So what is different?

Most biometric finger print readers are plagued by issues caused by dirt and grease, cold weather and rain. Where Ievo have overcome this is by applying multi-spectral imaging technology that reads the fingerprint in a unique way never approached before. Using knowledge gained in the health-care sector the reader looks not just for the fingerprint on the surface of the skin but characteristics from under the skin layer itself. This approach actually means that a thin rubber glove can actually be worn and the read success is still 100%.

Integrates into Paxton access control.

The fact that many of the big access control manufactures are willing to integrate the Ievo reader into their products proves just how successful this product is and will become, notably Paxton have led the way and seized the chance to enhance their access control systems with the Ievo reader.

Not just for access control solutions.

The most interesting thing about biometric readers is the applications that this technology can be applied to and this is not just opening doors. A scheme in Wiltshire has been deployed by the police to identify under-age teenagers purchasing drink for instance and just think how it could be applied to only allow authorised people to operate and start machinery. However, the scope for replacing expensive unreliable insecure cards with a persons unique fingerprint is a highly appealing thought. Just think of the cost savings that a national or even multinational organization could save in a relatively short space of time..

Data protection.

The reader holds no data. All the fingerprint owners details are held within the access control database and the fingerprint itself is simply converted into data format alleviating any data protection issues.

Unique in the biometric market place.

Quite simply we have not seen anything like this product in the past , it has the potential to change the way access control is sold and as long as Ievo can integrate to more of the big players ..quite simply the sky is the limit!

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