Arecont AV10005,the low light solution.

AV 10005 megapixel H.264 IP camera from Arecont.

The Arecont AV 10005, 10 megapixel network server camera has been designed to address the biggest problem that megapixel cameras suffer from, this is poor pictures at night. The camera has a reputation as the first PIXC to actually address low light issues. It can deliver 6 frames per second @ 3648 x 2752 or 30 frames per second @ 1920 x 1080.

Crisp clear images.

Having viewed the picture quality it certainly delivers crisp clear images but what about at night? Well clever design means that as light conditions deteriorate the camera groups pixels together allowing more light onto the chip. Admittedly it effectively becomes a 2 mexapixel camera at this point but at night the clarity can be reduced and still achieve acceptable images. The camera itself performs 80 billion operations per second that helps it achieve forensic zooming for regions of interest and has full motion detection to generate alarm events.

Two versions.

The camera comes in two versions. The AV10005 colour and the the AV10005DN, the day/night version. To compliment the camera, Arecont make available 4 different housings for a variety of applications.

Camera housings.

They have a 4” internal vandal proof, an external version of this, a recessed housing for false ceiling applications and finally the traditional shaped external IP 67 rated vandal proof model.

Multi streaming.

The AV10005 offers multi streaming, real time steaming and in addition, all units can be powered via POE, vital to speed in installations.

The two main benefits of this PIXC is that the extreme level of detail it is able to take in means that it can do the work of many traditional analogue cameras. Add to this its nigh-time performance and we start to see a complete solution.

Arecont. HOW TO BUY the AV10005.  please mention integrated cctv on Arecont contact form

Arecont are well known within the industry for innovation and here we see they have stepped up to the mark and produced a fine product that will sell, especially where an installer has external night time applications he needs to address.

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