CCTV analytics perimeter security solution. It WORKS!

CCTV video analytics.

Video analytics has been a technology that has been talked about for a long time but at last it has  now finally arrived in a format that works reliably and achieves the results that will make customers keen to upgrade their legacy CCTV systems.

CCTV Alarms.

Used to alert the end user of an unusual event or an intrusion into a protected area it helps to give security managers a better insight to events and alarms occurring on their site. There are many types of events that can be raised to his attention and these include.

People counting

Speed monitoring

Facial detection


Perimeter protection

Fall detection

Queue length monitoring

Panic alarm

Object abandonment.

And more to boot.

Advanced CCTV software.

Video analytics works by using advanced software to detect in real time changes within the view of the camera, far more advanced than motion detection, all analogue cameras currently in use in the UK can be converted to use this technology. It’s a simple process just install a unit called a codec. The codec is attached to the camera and behind the scenes converts all the video into a format that analyses events and through a set of clean contacts an alarm can be raised in a variety of different ways.

IP CCTV codec.

The codec is an IP device and is programmed through a laptop or if connected to a network it can be remotely administered. Xtralis, Bosch and March Networks all produce units that excel in video analytics.

CCTV Airport!

Examples of where analytics can be used to great effect include ports and airports combating threats of terrorism especially identifying abandoned objects, Protecting classic art using analytics means museums can also benefit from this feature.

CCTV perimeter protection.

Perimeter protection is another area that has seen far better security thanks to trip wire features and the ability to detect movement in a certain direction. Integrating analytics with FLIR thermal imaging cameras is an excellent example of how a sensitive area during hours of total darkness can suddenly be secured where before this would have been impossible.


Setting up the codec’s is a relatively simple task. Perspective is important to ensure only the objects or human movements are detected and things such as wildlife are totally ignored. A great advance for the industry analytics are now being incorporated directly into the heads of cameras and the Predator camera from 360 vision is the first 360 dome camera that can deal with analytics while on a tour something of a dream for security guards who are tasked with monitoring large establishments or estates.

CCTV investment.

As the investment goes heavily into this technology from the big manufactures we see the number of applications increasing and soon analytics will be commonplace in many businesses across the UK

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