Emizon IP communicator. Secure broadband monitoring

IP CCTV monitoring communicator.

Over the last 15 years one of the biggest growth areas in CCTV and

security has been remote CCTV monitoring. A fantastic concept it has

been an easy sale once a customer is convinced a third party will be

looking after his site for him for a fraction of the cost of a

security guard. Over many years the ISDN telephone line was the only

way to carry enough data over the network to give a presentable

picture to the operator viewing images at the central station. The one

weak point never addressed however by either installers or the end

users was what If the line was cut? This effectively rendered the

system useless.

CCTV images transmitted over broadband.

As time has moved forward we have had the broadband revolution.

Manufacturers have continued to  strive to improve picture quality to

central stations using clever compression techniques and the ever

expanding bandwidth available means operators sitting in the central

station are now given some brilliant images to work with. It seems the

criminals now have no chance? However we need to go back to an earlier

point. What happens if the line is cut or simply goes faulty?  The

intruder quite simply has all the time in the world to effectively

empty the customer’s premises at his leisure …well not quite.

Emizon IP

There is now a simple cheap and effective solution. Emizon IP have

bought out their IP broadband communicator that can notify the central

station of a broadband line failure. Using the Emizon managed network a

signal is sent to the central station informing them that

immediate action is required to restore the broadband link. When the

Emizon is also connected to the premises intruder alarm all the signals

will be received giving the central station enough information to call

the police should this course of action be required.

Emizon the way forward.

The Emizon comes in the form of a TCD and also has relay outputs to

re-initialize remote DVRs if required. It is always on and is also

8148 compliant, however thousands of legacy monitored systems would

dramatically benefit by upgrading their signalling and using  Emizon.


More on this product soon. And why we see it being the leading dual

path broadband monitoring solution for the future.

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