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If you are a CCTV engineer or also have experience in installing access control or intruder alarms we have all the the latest information here at integrated CCTV.

Keep up to date.

Simply register on the site and we will do all we can to answer your questions or simply let you know about new technologies out there. If you would like to guest blog with your experiences within the industry we will happily review them and publish the best ones.

So what can you tell us?

We are moving into an era where Megapixel and HD cameras will start to dominate the market place. Are you being given the training and support from the manufactures that you need? IT knowledge is now becoming as important as the ability to run cables and fix kit to the wall do you think you have been kept up to date? Do you think IP cameras are better than analogue? if not why not?


So give us your views and get involved.

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