Metal Mickey CCTV Camera

MIC external security camera.

A  new on-line product selector is a tool has recently been released to assist customers and specifiers who wish to purchase the MIC camera manufactured by Bosch. The selector tool is to aid quick and accurate selections of the exact camera that is required. This has been driven forward because of confusion when ordering MIC parts and cameras in the past.

Production moved to Portugal.

Since manufacturing has been moved to a new purposely designed manufacturing facility in Ovar, Portugal, Bosch have decided to take this action in order to rationalise product codes and aid manufacturing and quality. As the product range has increased this has led to over 750 different part codes and at times some confusion when customers try to order. The implementation of the selector tool has enabled Bosch to drastically reduce delivery times from an unacceptable 6 weeks to an impressive 4 days for more popular models. Even more specialist versions can be delivered within14-18 days. In addition The new selector tool has helped to reduce the number of models now down to just 125.

Big improvements

This has been a long term plan that is now beginning to pay dividends. The ability to build an order using the selector tool will mean the right model can be ordered correctly every time. Whether it be white, explosion prove,the right bracketry or software the new system means the correct selection of associated parts can be assured. It will be effectively be like creating your own shopping list for those who are about to place an order. For those who need to make an order the product selection tool can now be found at the MIC website.

Over 1000 per month.

The new facility in Portugal has helped to make some big improvements. Bosch now have the ability to produce more than 1000 cameras per month and new testing procedures mean failure rates have been improved. The Metal Mickey (MIC) camera was the first of its kind and continues to find itself a popular choice for external security cameras. These improvements will undoubtedly help this success continue.

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    10 – 12 week lead times!