Hybrid CCTV camera solutions. The way forward!

CCTV what’s next?

In today’s market it cannot be denied that the whole ethos of security and ideas of how customers protect their premises is changing. Many companies are looking to recycle existing security equipment or at the very least their current wiring  infrastructure. New equipment sales and complete upgrades are becoming more difficult to sell as budgets are tightened across all areas of business. Some security companies view this as a depressing fact and have resigned themselves to less sales cutting their staff accordingly. This may however be a little premature.

CCTV servicing.

Service opportunities are rising as existing kit slowly begins to fail and begs to be replaced but a whole new system is often a luxury that many companies just will not stomach. So it is now the time to think smart. Networks and IT technology is a an unstoppable fact of life and upgrades in this area are inevitable so camera solutions have to fit into this ever expanding frame work . The whole situation lends itself perfectly to a hybrid solution.

What is a hybrid solution?

Well a hybrid DVR is simply one that can handle both old analogue technology and the new IP cameras that are seen as the future of CCTV and security. Phasing IP in is less costly but still allows an end user to embrace the new products that can bring extensive benefits. The only proviso being, that the IP cameras  must be specified correctly. The right camera for the right application.

Hybrid CCTV systems.

Forward thinking Installing Companies prepared to use old analogue cameras together with a hybrid DVR will find the first step to new on going sales has been reached. As Hd and Megapixel cameras become more and more prevalent they can be integrated into a hybrid system over a period of time. This is more in the thinking of company accountants looking to find a solution, but one that suits his needs and budgets.

Be flexible, service all the  security solutions on a site!

To grow sales be flexible. Take on one or more of the security disciplines on site. Then, a customer will be more reliant on their installer and again this will give an opportunity for more sales and even integration between the CCTV, access control and intruder panels.

Sales to increase?

So lets not be gloomy about how we can grow sales of megapixel, HD, IP cameras and DVRs. This particular period  of difficult market conditions should really be re-thought as a chance for innovative and forward thinking installers to grow and enjoy the bright future that new IP camera solutions will soon bring.

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