IP camera 200 series from Bosch

Bosch 200 series.

Bosch have recently brought onto the market the new IP 200 series IP camera range. The camera is an IP unit that comes in two versions, the IP camera 225 and the IP camera 255. Essentially the 225 is a fixed lens and the 255 is varifocal . The beauty of the 200 series is that you need no DVR. The camera is a networked solution and has recording ability on board within the camera using a 16 GB  SD card.

Clear crisp images.

The camera produces clear crisp images and all video can also be reviewed over the network using CCTV software that is supplied with the camera. The images are compressed using H.264 and this allows an additional 30% storage capacity over MPEG-4 . Both IP cameras are colour units and are ideally suited to reception areas or tills where they could be used in multi- site applications and accessed by 1 individual responsible for all sites such as car hire franchises or late night stores.

More benefits.

The IP camera 200 series has even more benefits, it is a single box solution and easy to set up. Simply remove the unit from the box, fix in the required position and connect to the network via an IP point. It has built in motion detection and also audio detection. As mentioned before with both on-site or remote viewing via PC and power over Ethernet this is a fantastic solution for those who have a problem on a single area of their site and need a quick easy security answer.


Very competitively priced and simple, the IP 200 range can fit into many situations and will find many takers, especially for monitoring and recording sensitive areas where a full scale CCTV camera system quite simply is not required.

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2 Responses to “IP camera 200 series from Bosch”

  1. voo2doo says:

    How much are these and where can I buy them?

  2. blogadmin says:

    They will be supplied in the UK through Norbain but you will need to be an installer of CCTV products. What is your application? Is it just one camera you are interested in or do you need more?