Risco wireless intruder alarms

Grade 2 WisDom wireless intruder alarm.

Risco  have released the wireless pick and mix kit which currently meets grade 2 standards.

They have called it the WisDom panel. In addition the pick and mix package allows you to select 6 wireless devices from the following.

A standard wireless PIR

A pet PIR

A panic wristband

A PA fob

A shock sensor

As standard you will receive a bell box in the package.

So why choose a wireless intruder alarm?

Wireless intruder alarms have their place. Small industrial units and domestic premises can benefit from quick installations. This keeps the cost down for customers and reliability has dramatically improved over the last few years. It is always advisable however to get a full radio survey carried out before an installation.

Domestic customers.

Domestic customers seem to prefer wireless intruder alarms for obvious reasons, no cabling , no mess, and engineers in and out before they know it. We have however been to some houses that are totally unsuitable for this type of solution. Thick walls in older buildings always seem to cause issues as can a radio alarm in next doors premises. We have also experienced problems from external interference that we could only deduce were caused by military sources.


So in summary , quick easy, relatively cheap as labour is dramatically reduced always carry out a survey to ensure you have a trouble free installation.

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