Perimeter Security CCTV Cameras

Perimeter security camera.

Perimeter security has long been open to debate. Whats the best security solution to spend your money on? Lets face it for an intruder to get onto most sites they tend to pick the weakest  point . Often this is an area that is dark and difficult to patrol. Many methods exist to protect your boundaries . PIR sensors, often long range ones or maybe fixed beams? Vibration detectors buried under the ground have been used in the past to, also  Dome cameras driven by sensors are a popular solution. NOW however the most effective method to protect a perimeter is probably using a fixed camera complete with IR lighting and we have an additional tool to help us. This is analytics.


The Bosch ZX 55 has been especially designed for this purpose. A well built piece of kit with a range of up to 300m. It comes together With a powerful integrated IR lighting system and is equipped with a 9-90mm lens. It certainly has all the tools requied for detection. However there is also an IP version vital to integrate into future CCTV software recording solutions. It is also the IP solution that gives the added benefit of analytics to help with the detection element that is so important  to ensure that the intruder is intecepted.


It must be remembered that perimeter protection always comes with a price , not so much because of the equipment , but civil works, CCTV towers and the large amount of cable being required can put the price up. It is therefore crucial that the right solution is  well thought through and correctly specified because many companies rue the day when they thought that a cheap option would do!


Think long and hard about external security, it can be a minefield if the design at the first stage is poorly concieved. Expert advice is very important and we have over 20 years in this particular field. So if you need feedback or advice on this subject we will be happy to help.

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