Dallmeier Netbox

Dallmeier Netbox.

Dallmeier have been producing recording and transmission devices for over 25 years. They build top end security solutions and have an excellent reputation for quality within the industry.

Dallmeier Netbox.

This year at IFSEC  Dallmeier introduced the Netbox. This is a hybrid recording solution designed for temporary and permanent recording solutions . It has been built to be robust and flexible. Ideal for building sites but also  anywhere that it could be subject to a harsh environment. An 8 way unit, each camera input can be either IP or analogue. The usual quality is evident and the Netbox caters for a niche in the market that does not seem to have that much competition. So, should prove very successful.

We would appreciate feedback from anyone who has deployed the Netbox. Please feel free to pass comment.

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