360 Vision Technology to release IR dome camera.

360 Vision Technology to release IR dome camera.

360 Vision Technology are about to release their new External IR Dome. Built around the technology that has been so instrumental in the success of the Predator camera, the outer housing is of  a robust metallic design. It has the IR lamps that are such an integral part of this camera, moulded into the finished shape. It is a different animal from the current 360 vision dome currently on the market and is not designed to be serviceable on site but is stronger and virtually maintenance free.

Better night vision.

The new 360 IR dome is designed to fit into a market place that recognises that IR is now invaluable in dome design this is to ensure clear, crisp images at night. Duel chip cameras have worked well but they have always had their limitations in poor lighting conditions. Now, with IR domes we finally have a solution.

360 Vision and March Networks.

The technology partnership between 360 Vision and March Networks has paid dividends with the March codec being incorporated into the head to allow the unit to be easily converted to IP .This allows it to be integrated into CCTV software solutions that are starting to become the preferred recording option in place of the less versatile Digital video recorder. With an IR range of up to 100 metres expected and all the features that 360 have developed over the years built in as standard, it is a formidable dome camera.

So who will buy the 360 vision IR dome.

The camera is surely going to be aimed at the increasing ageing dome cameras that are out there in the field at present. There is huge potential for upgrades for ambitious installers who can grasp this opportunity. Those with foresight will also use the IP dome camera and software recording route to allow customers the option of future expansion and flexibility to their CCTV systems.


Once again we find that 360 vision have been thinking to the future. The market for this camera is huge and the price offers very good value. It will be good to track the progress of this dome camera but we believe that sales will prove it to be one of the top cameras in its class.

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