CCTV software v DVRs

Why use CCTV software instead of a DVR?

CCTV software has been around for a while but as a recording medium has long been easily outsold by the good old reliable DVR. The DVR has changed the face of the CCTV industry over the last 10 years and comes in many different forms. From high end spec that costs onwards and upwards of £5000, to budget units that can be bought for as little as £300. Explaining to an end user the vast difference in cost can be tricky but as we all know you will generally pay for what you get. Recently though the DVR has started to change.

How have DVRs changed?

They have evolved into hybrid units so they can incorporate the latest technology such as analytics and IP cameras. Many benefits here, but manufacturers are starting to think differently about how the market will develop in the future. Until recently IP cameras have struggled to take a hold in the security industry . The main reason has been the substantial difference in price between an IP camera and its analogue equivilent. In addition IT managers have been reluctant to stream large amounts of data across their network. The cost of an IP DVR has also meant that an upgrade is expensive and difficult to sell . So whats changing? Basically the cost of IP cameras is plummeting , they are also cheaper to install. IT managers have become far more accepting of  the technology and like the idea that they can record through CCTV software such as March network’s Videosphere VMS rather than a DVR solution. In addition manufactures are starting to put recording into the camera itself this means that critical data can boast full redundancy and no information will be lost.

More flexible.

Perhaps though the greatest benefit of IP Cameras integrated into a CCTV software solution is flexibility. No longer is the end user restricted to a 16 way box and the need to buy another costly DVR box if he needs extra cameras on his site. Another huge benefit is the introduction of codecs.This is a device that turns an analogue camera into an IP device that can easily be introduced into the CCTV software solution. So a customer can convert to CCTV software recording without the need to replace all his existing analogue cameras.


Not many people in the security industry expect that analogue will be around for long. So we ask,will CCTV software do the same to digital video recorders, that DVRs did to their predecessor, the humble VCR?

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