Who are Suprema.

Established in 2000, Suprema Inc is a global player who specialize in Biometric IP access control systems. Product quality is extremely important and Suprema have gained widespread recognition for their products and market leading technology.

What have they developed and achieved?

The companies fingerprint algorithm was proven to be one of the best and has gone on to get world wide recognition. In addition their access control products received the Detektor international award in two consecutive years and got some extremely favorable press at the IFSEC 2009. Sales have topped 500,000 units worldwide of both biometric and access control products.


BioStation is a biometric access controller it incorporates colour LCD, USB port and  LAN. This is an ultra fast unit, matching 3000 templates per second this is thanks to the the use of high quality components and the previously mentioned Suprema  algorithm.

Biolite Net.

Claiming to be the worlds smallest fingerprint IP access control terminal with time and attendance capability. Its ergonomic design is IP65 rated. It can be used both internally and externally and can be standalone or networked. BioLite Net offers an extremely secure biometric solution.

BioEntry Plus.

A clever combination of IP and biometrics. A smart looking device that means access security is assured. The management and operation is supported by fingerprints and an RF card.


A great combination of excellent build quality, good design and clever flexibility, Suprema have come up with a product range that can only give Biometric door entry systems a good reputation.

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