Why buy IP CCTV Cameras?


IP CCTV has suddenly come to the fore in the last couple of years . It was particularly noticeable at IFSEC this year where analogue cameras seemed to be no more than an after thought . However what are the reasons that a CCTV camera format that has served the industry for so long should now so suddenly become a technology that will soon be confined to museums or very short sighted end users?

Life in the old dog?

Well perhaps that last statement was a little unfair. It will still take a while before we see analogue cameras disappear completely off the scene, perhaps long as 10 years, but in the meantime megapixel IP cameras will start to produce results that many organisations will find hard to resist. What results you may ask? Well for so many years every CCTV administrator has just wanted to zoom in on captured images and blow them up to prove an event has occurred. Up to now there has rarely been enough definition to achieve this goal . Any blown up or artificially enhanced images have been blurred or pixelated to the point where they are useless.

Why HD CCTV or Megapixel cameras.

Mega pixel especially does not however suffer this problem. The images remain clear and crisp as they are zoomed into on the played back recordings . Add to this stunning live images and you will understand why analogue is effectively dead. Examples of camera manufactures who have taken this technology and produced some excellent camera solutions include Avigilon, Arecont, 360 vision technology, Bosch to name but a few.

What is the catch?

So as the camera technology improves are there any drawbacks? Well of course there are . Due to bandwidth and processing limitations some of the 10 mp cameras can only deliver images at 3 frames per second. Slow to say the least but with such crystal clear images it is still better than 12 fps on an analogue alternative. Of course the camera technology may be slighty ahead of the networks that they need to deliver them to their recording solution ie CCTV software. However as CCTV software gets better and the speed and flexibility of networks increase as well as the processing power of the camera chips, we will eventually see the utopia in terms of megapixel technology and this can bring to the end user the ultimate CCTV solution.


Are you an end user who is considering an upgrade? Perhaps you have upgraded already and are either impressed or disappointed in what you have purchased? Let us know your thoughts and we will be happy to publish them in order to help other organisations to make that important decision, to upgrade or not to upgrade?

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