RVR Temporary CCTV monitoring solution

Security unplugged.

RVR have recently introduced their new security unplugged product and it is now available to installers to sell . Effectively this a temporary Monitored CCTV solution that requires no mains and is quick and simple to fit.

Alarms over mobile network.

The alarms are sent over the cellular network and the system comprises of a PIR detector with an inbuilt camera that on activation sends a 10 second video sequence to the remote operator. The cameras are backed up with night time illuminators to ensure nothing gets missed even in the darkest of areas.

Internal and external cameras with integrated sensor.

The camera comes in both internal and external forms and is robust enough to handle harsh environments. The system is affordable and portable and can be deployed just about anywhere. Each device in the system is powered by batteries with a 4 year life span and the manufacturers claim the system can be installed by just one person in under two hours.


The system called Videofied and it can be set using a wireless remote and  is ideal for homes phone towers construction sites caravan parks docks or marinas. The integrated GPRS Sim module makes the system user friendly anywhere you have a signal.


RVR are a forward thinking company with plenty of experience in remote monitoring of CCTV and for them to endorse this product means that we can be confident that it is expecting sales to do well as we enter the next generation of CCTV monitoring.

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