Preventing theft.

Imagine you are on the other side of the law and decide to break into a shop or warehouse. As you enter all of a sudden the whole area is filled with a thick fluid based smoke making it impossible for you to see even your hand in front of your face. Confusion would soon set in and your sense of direction hopelessly lost. More importantly the ability to steal or damage anything is instantly lost. Thieves find this a very good reason to stay away from premises marked up with the SmokeCloak warning signs. The SmokeCloak has taken deterrent to to another level.

How did it start?

Developed some years ago, the progress of the company was held back when the police sited health and safety as a reason why this product perhaps should not be used and as a result threatened to withdraw policed response from people who decided to deploy SmokeCloak . However extensive lobbying and common sense have prevailed and the Police will now readily attend a Smoke Cloak enhanced alarm system.

Is it harmful?

The smoke emitted is totally harmless to breath, a glycol vapour, it can taste a little strange but nothing more. The smoke cloak is armed when the security system is set at night  and is only triggered from an output from the alarm. This can be either an unconfirmed or confirmed trigger , what ever the customers preference.

How long is the smoke there?

The smoke will remain lingering within the premises typically for about 45 minutes after the event and leaves no residue or damage at all.

Do insurance companies like it?

Insurance companies have happily embraced the SmokeCloak product, knowing it will limit many losses and reduce their claims. So many reasons for end users to put the system in place.

Who would use it?

Some of the types of businesses that could benefit include amusement arcades, restaurants and pubs, jewellers, design clothing retailers, military installations, electrical manufacturers, Logistics operators, and so the list goes on, anywhere with high value products can see losses reduced or stopped by installing the Smoke Cloak solution.


A great product with huge deterrent value, good to see that SmokeCloak is now widely accepted and goes from strength to strength.


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