DualCom GPRS


CSL have always actively challenged Redcare when it comes to dual path signalling solutions. With Dualcom GPRS they have produced a hardware platform that can monitor any grade of security installation. Each grade has a sliding scale of charges to ensure you only pay for the monitoring you need depending on the grade of install.


The dualCom uses the Vodaphone network in conjunction with the main telephone path to transmit alarm signals. This is the case even if the the telephone path is IP. Many customers find much comfort in dual path signalling and most insurance companies insist on it , whats more it helps confirm alarms in the event that one of the signalling paths is deliberately attacked. This technology has been continuously improved since its development in 1996.


DualCom formed a strong partnership with Vodaphone because of its reliability , speed and above all its integrity. Other benefits include a fixed tariff so this allows unlimited transmissions from either path but with no additional cost. It is not beholden to the BT network so it can be used on any line providers signalling path. If there is no phone line on site the GPRS can be deployed to at least give one route to the central station.

Can it share lines with existing communication equipment?

It can share existing telephone lines with no interference to the operation of other signalling or communication equipment. All in all DualCom has become recognised as a very stable and cost effective solution for alarm signalling to your central station.


With insurance companies now fully on-board and DualComs reliability accepted as second to none, the product will continue to challenge in the monitoring market place very strongly.

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