The Shield security camera

The Shield security camera.

At IFSEC this year we spent plenty of time looking at The Shield security camera. The camera is a testament to the technology partnership between March Networks and 360 Vision. It combines the best of what both companies are about  and we believe it is soon to hit the American market place. This unity of technology means we predict it will take it by storm.

External security solution.

The hardware side of The Shield security camera is manufactured by 360 vision technology and fits seamlessly together with the clever software solutions developed by March. The Shield has been designed to fit into the needs of customers who mainly have external security issues but need a camera that can operate in the harshest of environments.

March Networks,The CCTV software side.

IP, POE, and analytics have all been cleverly integrated into the camera design and and help to make it attractive to CCTV installers and IT integrators alike. March Networks have fitted all these features together and with their codec at the heart of things it means that videosphere CCTV software acts as the ideal recording solution to compliment this camera.


The Shield security camera is ONVIF compatible  and this means that it will integrate with other manufactures CCTV software as well. However March Networks and 360 vision also have other ideas they wish to add to this already loaded security solution. An on board hard drive will soon compliment the software recording and this will make it attractive where recording continuity is essential.

Robust design.

The Shield PTZ camera moves beautifully, is fast and quiet and built to last, this makes it ideal for any external needs but don’t rule out using it internally . It will come to the fore when installed in docks , ports airports and sports stadiums to name just a few applications but hangers and warehouses could also suit. When installed outside it has a wiper to ensure weather does not become a factor and is extremely robust in design, resisting all the elements can throw at it.

Megapixel IP Camera.

Could there be any more developments round the corner? There are plans to integrate Megapixel  technology into the package and this will add just one more benefit to what is already a very loaded CCTV camera.


Having seen how the Shield camera works, big sales are inevitable, upgrades of  PTZ cameras are the ideal target market for this product and viewing the Shield Security camera on the web is highly recommended.

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