FLIR PT-series thermal IP cameras

FLIR release new range.

The popularity of thermal imaging cameras has increased steadily in recent times as the CCTV security industry find more and more applications for them.With the advent of IP and analytics, together with a reduction in cost, means that suddenly solutions exist that were not there before.

The new FLIR PT-Series.

 The new FLIR PT-Series has been specifically aimed at this market place. Programmable scan patterns and slew to alarms  gives this range of cameras some interesting extra features. The ability to see in total darkness and in any weather, along with easy integration to either analogue or TCP/networks are all valuable selling points.

More Pixels.

By incorporating a high resolution 640 x 480 pixel detector the camera can give up to 4 times the image clarity of previous cameras. It also gives better performance over longer ranges. More pixels mean more detail and the ability to detect smaller objects that would previously have been missed. This all comes with the savings that can be made when expensive lighting systems can be shelved.

On site repairs and upgrades.

Flir have also introduced the interchangeable camera cassette that allows you to upgrade existing FLIR cameras. This can be done in the field and takes only a few minutes, keeping installers and end users happy and no break in camera coverage while the unit is returned to the factory.


It would appear FLIR are now developing their cameras to fit more and more into security applications in the commercial market place. This has been achieved with more competitively priced cameras that come with more choice of lens size and more built in features.

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