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Alhua Technology Co LTD.manufactures cameras and digital recorders for the CCTV industry. For 15 years they have concentrated on innovative design and research. Their equipment is future proofed and well designed to fit into the market place as it starts to move towards IP technology

Where did it start?

Alhua first launched an 8 channel real time embedded DVR in 2002 since then they have expanded their product base with the aim to becoming the No 1 security brand in china. They have produced ground breaking products in the past and with the introduction of IP cameras into their range, they continue grow rapidly.


By embracing ONVIF, Alhua have made their products easier to integrate with other manufactures cameras and CCTV software, a clever move to help encourage world wide sales. In addition they have ISO 9001 accreditation that helps give them credibility in the international CCTV marketplace.


Alhua have targeted European, American and Japanese markets especially the banking, public security and energy resources sectors.


As with all good companies Alhua re-invest a large proportion of their turnover back into research and development, they claim as much as 10%. With this level of investment innovation and quality will thrive.


Clever marketing and overseas partnerships have helped Alhua develop a good reputation this can only continue and expansion of their market share is inevitable.

Product range.

An insight into some of their product range

stand alone DVRs LE -S series

4/8/16 way

LE-A series new entry level 4/8/16 standalone

DVR 1604 HE-u

a 20 channel 720p and full d1 recording hybrid standalone dvr

NVR DS-L series


network video recording solutions

IP and megapixel camera range

IPC-F725 series 1.3 megapixel Ip camera

IPC F725 series 2.0 megapixel


Alhua is a name we are beginning to hear about more and more, proof that good quality products at a realistic price is the way to take your products to the world wide market.

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